Cindy Faryon


It’s hard to write about oneself. I love to write about other people and interesting places. Like exploring the backwoods of Vancouver Island, discovering abandoned mineshafts, camping in the Gulf Islands, or Salmon fishing out of a canoe.

When you were 29, did you go back to high school as a student and spend a year side by side with teenagers? I did, and loved it. I traveled with them to Communist Russia in 1986, had too much Vodka in a Russian establishment and was given a medal off a Russian Soldier’s uniform.

I have skied Whistler, snorkelled with a big white in Hawaii, volunteered at an orphanage in Baja Mexico, and soaked in natural hot springs in Alaska. It seems that whenever I am faced with adventure and mystery, my mind carries me away on a sea of inquisitiveness and I have to travel down just one more road, see around one more bend, or go over just one more hill. However, ask me to write about me.

I am what I write.

Cynthia Faryon, author of the books "Sister's Torn", "Unsung Heroes of the Royal Canadian Air Force", and "A War Bride Story." Please watch for new releases in 2004; "Unsung Heroes of the Canadian Army", and "World War Two Stories from Canada's Navies".

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