Strathcona Provincial Park

Highway 28
Comox , BC
(250) 337-2400


Open year-round, these 250,000 hectares of rugged and mountainous wilderness in the center of Vancouver Island is British Columbia’s oldest provincial park.

With a fascinating geological history of violent seabed eruptions forming the mountain range and ice sheets sculpting the valleys, the park boasts some of the most spectacular surroundings on the island. Six of Vancouver Island’s highest peaks are found here including the highest at 7,219 ft., the Golden Hinde. One exceptional feature is Della Falls, Canada’s highest falls, which is eight times higher than Niagara Falls and one of the ten highest in the world. Not to be missed is a guided tour of the awesome Comox Glacier, one of Vancouver Island’s most accessible icefields. Snowcapped mountains, snowfields, alpine tarns and rolling meadows carpeted in wildflowers, lakes, rivers, and streams offer a wilderness paradise and activities for the outdoor adventurer.

A vast network of trails throughout this expansive park is excellent for hiking and backpacking for all levels of experience. Take a leisurely stroll or plan a multi-day backcountry excursion in the alpine regions. The Buttle Lake area and Forbidden Plateau have visitor facilities while the rest of the park remains largely undeveloped protecting this pristine wilderness setting. One of the more popular hikes is to Paradise Meadows with the trailhead at the base of Mount Washington. A variety of birds and wildlife make this park home including the protected and near extinct Vancouver Island Marmot.

This vast park has it all. Facilities, depending on the area, include drive-in campsites, backcountry wilderness sites, picnic grounds, day areas and playgrounds. Other notable activities to enjoy are swimming, canoeing and boating, windsurfing, fishing, mountain biking, mountaineering, and rock climbing. Strathcona Park Lodge and Outdoor Education Center, adjacent to the park at the Buttle Lake entrance, caters to those wanting to explore the park by offering wilderness training skills programs as well as recreational activities. For visitors, nearby communities bordering the park offer a host of amenities and facilities so take a day or two to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.
Written By: Cheryl Oakes
On: 9/16/2001


Off Hwy 19 at Courtenay, follow signs for Forbidden Plateau Ski area and access is on the Forbidden Plateau Road or follow signs to Mt. Washington via the Strathcona Parkway to access Paradise Meadows. West of Campbell River on Hwy 28, access to Buttle Lake, Ralph River, and other park areas are off this highway corridor leading to Gold River.


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