John's Place Restaurant


723 Pandora St.
Victoria , BC V8W 1N9
(250) 389-0711


Centrally located to downtown yet a little off the beaten track, John’s Place Restaurant has for 17 years been a favourite with locals. Photographs of movie stars and musicians from the 1940s, ‘50’s and 60’s adorn the wood paneled walls which rise over 20 feet to the ceiling. The original oak floors, worn to a dull patina, remain from the early 1900s when the building housed Maynard’s Photography. A large wall photo shows the restaurant during that period. Atmosphere alone is reason enough to visit John's. Lighting is subdued, ceiling fans turn slowly high overhead, and you almost expect Humphrey Bogart to step out from the shadows.

The motto of John’s Place is "real food at real prices," and it certainly lives up to the billing. Many of the menu items here are not only delicious but the portions are huge. In sharp contrast to many casual or chain restaurants, John’s offers an original and wonderfully varied selection, at very affordable prices. The Greek Donair has spicy roast beef shaved paper thin and stuffed into a pita with John’s special sauce. Vegetarians will enjoy the Mediterranean Combo Plate that includes Greek salad, humus, falafel, and pita.

On Thai Mondays try the delicious Chicken or Beef Panong. The meat is slowly simmered in a sweet red curry coconut milk sauce with lime leaves, fresh basil and sliced peppers. Mushroom lovers should order the Mushroom Marinara, which is almost one pound of mushrooms sautéed in olive oil and garlic, topped with linguine and grated fontina cheese. If you want more standard fare, John’s also serves steaks, burgers, fries, and old-fashioned thick, creamy milkshakes. Breakfasts are just as interesting as the dinner selections. The Belgian Waffles are a Victoria tradition, served with cream cheese butter or real maple syrup.

Be sure to call ahead and reserve a table for dinner, especially in the summer. On weekends there may be a long line-up for breakfast if you arrive much after nine. It’s fun to visit around Halloween or Christmas, when John’s enthusiastic staff goes all out with the decorations.
Written By: Richard Brunt
On: 6/25/2001


Between Douglas and Blanshard Streets, in downtown Victoria.


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