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207 Government St.
Victoria , BC V8V 2K3
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Every day 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Emily Carr is one of Canada’s most beloved artists and is world renown for her rich, colourful paintings of British Columbia’s west coast. She also wrote several best-selling books including "The Book of Small," which recounts many of her childhood memories in the family home at 207 Government St. -- now called Emily Carr House. The house has been standing since 1864 and served the family well over much of that time. Now it belongs to the public and has been put to good use as both a museum and gallery.

Emily Carr was brought into this world during a fierce snowstorm on the night of December 13, 1871, in an old wooden bed that still sits in what later became her bedroom. Like the other 10 rooms open to public viewing, Emily’s bedroom has been carefully restored and redecorated in order to appear as close as possible to its original state. Even the smallest details are addressed -- for example, the paint had been wallpapered over in several rooms, so the restorers had to painstakingly strip off the newer layers in order to reach the original. In one case they even used an ultra-violet light to find out what the parlour’s wallpaper had looked like. Thanks to the huge efforts of the restoration team and the museum’s curators, a trip to Emily Carr House is like travelling back to the late 1800's when the Carr family lived, worked and played within these very walls.

The People’s Gallery is another interesting aspect of Emily Carr House. Here you will discover a rotating collection of paintings, photographs, and sculptures by talented local artists and sometimes even a number of Carr’s own. Call or check the website for more information on who might be featured during your visit.
Written By: Brodie Waddell
On: 6/3/2001


From the Inner Harbour go south along Goverment Street, past the Parliament Buildings, for about two blocks.


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