Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island


To reach the Pacific Rim region you must first drive through a grove of towering 800-year-old Douglas fir trees. What waits for you beyond the fir arches is just as spectacular: snow-peaked mountains, glacial lakes, rainforests, rolling surf, and sandy beaches that go on for miles and miles. People come from around the word to experience the area’s...

Capital Area

Southern Vancouver Island is not only spectacularly beautiful, it’s also a great place to visit and live. Whether you like the city life and all that it has to offer or you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there is something here for you. The area is rich in art galleries, museums, lodging, shops, restaurants, and theatres. It’s also a great place to...


North Central Vancouver Island is home to the largest glacier on the Island, million year old dinosaur and fossil finds, petroglyphs, breathtaking beaches, and a booming ecotourism industry. If you’ve ever wanted to try spelunking, ocean kayaking, hiking or nature photography this is the place to do it.

Cowichan Valley

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Central Vancouver Island has some of the most beautiful waterfronts in Canada. As such it is a boater’s delight and the perfect place for beachcombing, castle building and, of course, swimming. There are also opportunities for year-round golf, hiking, biking, kayaking, and spelunking.

Mount Waddington

The northern region of Vancouver Island is a collection of resource-based communities that are rich in First Nations culture. Here you’ll find the oldest town on the Island, the best fishing in the world, and superb whale watching. View the area’s historic sites, museums and art galleries; take part in its recreational activities such as swimming,...


Here you’ll enjoy the ambiance of small fishing villages, logging towns, and farms. You’ll also have an opportunity to experience First Nations culture by watching or joining demonstrations of carving, weaving, silversmithing, beadwork, and knitting in Duncan. You can also see the area’s illustrated history by visiting the world-famous murals in...
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